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05:36 PM pfSense Bug #9243 (Resolved): IPsec ID type keyid not explicitly set
Identifier type is set to "Key ID tag" on both sides. Sonicwall says in log: "VPN Policy: Local ID type: KEY ID; Remo... Christian Merges


09:07 PM pfSense Feature #6108 (Needs Patch): Dashboard - Firewallrules log
Is it possible to show the latest Firewall rule match at the top instead of the bottom? Christian Merges


08:18 AM pfSense Bug #3878 (Rejected): OpenVPN Site to Site Connection HMAC Error
on the 2.1 i have a site-to-site vpn to an other 2.1 machine. The other one is the Server.
Authentication is shared ...
Christian Merges
08:12 AM pfSense Bug #3863: Supermicro IPMI Boot virtual CD-ROM
Since the last beta booting from iso functioning very well. Christian Merges
08:11 AM pfSense Bug #3877 (Rejected): OpenVPN Client Connection routing Internettraffic
In 2.1 i have configured a VPN-Provider as a OpenVPN Client Connectionl:
importing certificates, add openvpn clientc...
Christian Merges


06:11 PM pfSense Bug #3863 (Resolved): Supermicro IPMI Boot virtual CD-ROM
Booting from the ISO is not possible with virtual CD-ROM. Typing Text with Keyboard is possible. Pluging in and out t... Christian Merges

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