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11:55 AM pfSense Bug #9506: Dynamic DNS update notification sent even if IP address didn't change
I also have this same problem with 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2. I see other people have reported this issue over the years too:
Jeremy  99


10:23 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10673 (Rejected): Avahi interface list is missing interfaces
In avahi_settings.php, there is a list of network interfaces. Mine shows LAN, DMZ, WAN2. The list is missing my "WA... Jeremy  99


06:38 PM pfSense Bug #10343 (Rejected): unbound crashes repeatedly when using acme plugin
I had a working pfSense for a long time. Today, I installed and configured the acme package to generate a LetsEncryp... Jeremy  99


10:13 PM pfSense Packages Todo #9200: Add DNS support for Google domain to Acme manager
Google Domains currently does not have any API that allows DNS records to be managed programmatically, so no ACME cli... Jeremy  99


09:16 PM pfSense Bug #8535 (Duplicate): SMTP fails to work with STARTTLS and TLS
1) I read on the pfSense forums that the new Pear-Mail should automatically use STARTTLS if the server off...
Jeremy  99


10:23 AM pfSense Bug #8522 (Resolved): SMTP test says success when actually fails
When I clicked the "Test SMTP Settings" button, I got a green message "SMTP testing e-mail successfully sent" b...
Jeremy  99
09:30 AM pfSense Bug #8521 (Rejected): Fails to get WAN IP after rebooting for update
On one of my remote pfSense boxes, I saw an update was available. I clicked the update button in the GUI. The GUI s... Jeremy  99
09:05 AM pfSense Feature #8520 (New): Option to auto-renew DHCP on interface with an offline gateway or marked as down
If pfSense detects an interface is down (plugged in but has no IP), I would like for it to automatically tr...
Jeremy  99


08:49 AM pfSense Bug #4711 (Rejected): DHCP static mapping DNS servers do not override correctly
1) On the DHCP Server page, enter 4 different DNS Servers. Make sure the first one is the pfSense LAN interface. Fo... Jeremy  99

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