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11:55 AM pfSense Bug #9506: Dynamic DNS update notification sent even if IP address didn't change
I also have this same problem with 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2. I see other people have reported this issue over the years too:


10:23 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10673 (Rejected): Avahi interface list is missing interfaces
In avahi_settings.php, there is a list of network interfaces. Mine shows LAN, DMZ, WAN2. The list is missing my "WA...


06:38 PM pfSense Bug #10343 (Rejected): unbound crashes repeatedly when using acme plugin
I had a working pfSense for a long time. Today, I installed and configured the acme package to generate a LetsEncryp...


10:13 PM pfSense Packages Todo #9200: Add DNS support for Google domain to Acme manager
Google Domains currently does not have any API that allows DNS records to be managed programmatically, so no ACME cli...


09:16 PM pfSense Bug #8535 (Duplicate): SMTP fails to work with STARTTLS and TLS
1) I read on the pfSense forums that the new Pear-Mail should automatically use STARTTLS if the server off...


10:23 AM pfSense Bug #8522 (Resolved): SMTP test says success when actually fails
When I clicked the "Test SMTP Settings" button, I got a green message "SMTP testing e-mail successfully sent" b...
09:30 AM pfSense Bug #8521 (Rejected): Fails to get WAN IP after rebooting for update
On one of my remote pfSense boxes, I saw an update was available. I clicked the update button in the GUI. The GUI s...
09:05 AM pfSense Feature #8520 (New): auto renew a DOWN interface
If pfSense detects an interface is down (plugged in but has no IP), I would like for it to automatically tr...


08:49 AM pfSense Bug #4711 (Rejected): DHCP static mapping DNS servers do not override correctly
1) On the DHCP Server page, enter 4 different DNS Servers. Make sure the first one is the pfSense LAN interface. Fo...

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