Bug #9506

Dynamic DNS update notification sent even if IP address didn't change

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Dynamic DNS
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pfSense sends Dynamic DNS update notifications even in the cases when IP address doesn't change.
For some reason, the client needs to update the Dynamic DNS entry on the server even when the actual IP address doesn't change. Typical case when using a PPPoE line, and the ISP forces a re-connection of the PPPoE link, but hands out the same IP address as before.
The updater triggers an update of the address, but also sends a notification that it has been updated. To the same address as above.

I'd suggest to either:
- add an option to skip notification in cases like this
- make the notification text more comprehensive to reflect the earlier IP address (like "DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN2 (igb0) from to" in case of a real change, and "DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN2 (igb0) from to (no change)"
- maybe examine why Dynamic DNS update is triggered when the address remains the same, perhaps the service policy (noip?) needs regular updates even when addresses don't change?


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I also have this same problem with 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2. I see other people have reported this issue over the years too:



I wonder why this issue isn't listed on the roadmap so it can get fixed. I like all 3 suggestions from the ticket creator, robi, especially the one about the email mentioning both the previous IP and the new IP. Thank you all.

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