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12:13 AM pfSense Bug #11877: Labels and description disappear in firewall_schedule_edit.php
Tested on 23.01, It still disappears descriptions and labels. Lev Prokofev


03:49 AM pfSense Bug #14091 (Confirmed): The "Kill States" button does not work consistently
Steps to reproduce
1)go to Dignostics=>States
2)Use the Filter expression field to filter using some known destinat...
Lev Prokofev


10:49 AM pfSense Bug #13279: DHCP config override affects Gateway installation.
It seems the config override should contain option 55 values like _subnet-mask,routers,domain-name-servers,domain-nam... Lev Prokofev


02:06 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13441: FRR fails to start with route map on "sequence 0" in configuration
The same behavior on frr 1.2_3
frr fail to start
_Jan 28 11:02:02 watchfrr 97266 [EC 268435457] bgpd state...
Lev Prokofev


07:23 AM pfSense Bug #13621: GUI allows selection of ICMP types that pf rejects
Can confirm that behavior on 22.05 and 23.01 Beta
There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:430: syn...
Lev Prokofev


03:27 AM pfSense Plus Regression #13895: pfSense Plus 23.01 can fail to boot on Hyper-V
Don't see any issues with pfSense-plus-23.01-BETA-amd64-20230106-0600 on Win11pro 22H2 nor ZFS or UFS. Hyper-V is all... Lev Prokofev


10:46 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13874: pfBlocker -devel hanging on cron jobs
Lev Prokofev wrote in #note-7:
> It is still here, unfortunately.
I mean the issue was occurred after I update th...
Lev Prokofev
10:45 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13874: pfBlocker -devel hanging on cron jobs
It is still here, unfortunately. Lev Prokofev
05:03 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13874: pfBlocker -devel hanging on cron jobs
I can confirm this behavior on 22.05 after updating the pfBlocker package to v3.1.0_16 Lev Prokofev


04:10 AM pfSense Regression #13862: Dynamic DNS check IP address service fails when using the default service
Works as expected with the patch on
23.01-RC (amd64)
built on Fri Jan 13 06:06:07 UTC 2023
Lev Prokofev

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