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12:14 AM pfSense Packages Bug #15620 (Duplicate): NET-SNMP & FRR with AgentX is not starting with library errors.
... Christopher Cope


09:08 PM pfSense Packages Todo #15281: Upgrade Tailscale to 1.6.0
Elvis Impersonator wrote in #note-11:
> I guess pfSense CE 2.7.2 and 2.8.0 are not important to Netgate. Thanks for...
Christopher Cope
01:44 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9204: ospfd: GRE tunnels became unnumbered since 2.4.4
It appears from the upstream discussion that this patch can cause other issues, so applying it is likely to break exi... Christopher Cope


01:25 PM pfSense Packages Feature #15600 (Closed): pfBlocker Widget - make the failed downloads windows expandable
Christopher Cope


01:04 PM pfSense Bug #15588: The picking of CA in the LDAP config is inconsistent.
As mentioned in the troubleshooting section, you may need to restart PHP and the GUI for the changes to take effect.
Christopher Cope


02:59 PM pfSense Packages Feature #15585: Add OpenVPN Option for manually MTU setting
Jonathan Lee wrote in #note-3:
> So the Users on the forum didn’t need to set custom settings for OpenVPN configurat...
Christopher Cope


11:23 PM pfSense Packages Feature #15585: Add OpenVPN Option for manually MTU setting
Jonathan Lee wrote in #note-1:
> It would be nice to have this as a non custom option a GUI based option for users.
Christopher Cope


08:55 PM pfSense Feature #15582: Add option to automatically create rules to block VPN networks from existing via WAN interfaces
The issue is documented, as well as the workarounds, in the online documentation: Christopher Cope


12:16 AM pfSense Packages Bug #14523: PHP error when using an unsupported alias type in Advanced Rule Settings
The patch is working on:... Christopher Cope


04:13 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15196: AWS ena interfaces can become unstable/stop responding
Kristof Provost wrote in #note-31:
> Are the users affected by `kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo` running a...
Christopher Cope

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