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10:05 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13925 (Pull Request Review): Suricata 6.0.8_7 - PHP Fatal Errror on IP Rep Tab Christopher Cope
08:45 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13925 (Confirmed): Suricata 6.0.8_7 - PHP Fatal Errror on IP Rep Tab
I'm able to reproduce this on... Christopher Cope


05:24 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13566 (Resolved): Non-devel pfBlocker Package Broken in 2.7 CE with PHP 8.1
Tested on... Christopher Cope
12:51 PM pfSense Docs Correction #13921 (New): OpenVPN Monitoring Docs need updated
The above issue changes have been committed. The docs haven't been updated ...
Christopher Cope


04:53 PM pfSense Docs Correction #13914: Typo in PPP docs
Screenshot attached Christopher Cope
04:46 PM pfSense Docs Correction #13914 (Resolved): Typo in PPP docs
When checked, the firewall tracks the uptime for th...
Christopher Cope
03:04 PM pfSense Docs Correction #13913 (Resolved): Typo in Captive Portal Docs Christopher Cope


09:17 AM pfSense Bug #13887 (New): General protection fault in key_freesp()
... Christopher Cope


03:09 PM pfSense Bug #13860 (Pull Request Review): Typo in Remote IPv4/IPv6 Address help text on ``interfaces_gre_edit.php`` Christopher Cope


07:06 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13738 (Resolved): Typo under Services/Snort/Interface Settings/WAN - Rules
Fix merged. Christopher Cope

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