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pfSense Developer, Reporter 12/15/2021
Bootstrap Reporter 12/15/2021
pfSense Docs Developer, Reporter 12/15/2021
pfSense Packages Developer, Reporter 12/15/2021
pfSense Plus Developer, Reporter 12/15/2021



12:13 AM pfSense Bug #14261: Trim white space in a DHCP Leases page search field
Tested on... Christopher Cope


02:39 PM pfSense Plus Regression #15407 (Resolved): pfSense-upgrade incorrectly creates 'unknown error' notice.
Confirmed that this is no longer an issue on... Christopher Cope


01:19 AM pfSense Packages Bug #15365 (Pull Request Review): pfBlockerNG PHP error when editing a list Christopher Cope


10:18 PM pfSense Packages Bug #15365: pfBlockerNG PHP error when editing a list
This is due to a change in behavior with the range function as of PHP 8.3.0 Christopher Cope


01:58 AM pfSense Plus Regression #15387: Boot failure detection tripping on config reset button during boot
On the 4100 & 4200 as of... Christopher Cope


02:52 PM pfSense Bug #15178: ACB (autoconfig backup) restore always returns could not decrypt despite proper password
I am unable to reproduce on either... Christopher Cope


08:07 PM pfSense Feature #15217: Log command being run in Diagnostics > Command Prompt
I wanted to add my support for this. We recently had a ticket were an error was thrown from diag_command.php, but the... Christopher Cope
02:29 PM pfSense Plus Feature #15380 (New): During upgrade Process GUI timeouts still occur
Thanks for the clarification. I'll move it to a feature request. Christopher Cope
01:44 PM pfSense Plus Feature #15380 (Not a Bug): During upgrade Process GUI timeouts still occur
The default timeout is 4 hours, which should be enough time for any of those actions. It can be changed, or even disa... Christopher Cope


11:23 PM pfSense Regression #14930 (Resolved): Clean installation using Auto (ZFS) + MBR (BIOS) does not boot
MBR (BIOS) is working as expected on... Christopher Cope

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