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04:34 PM pfSense Bug #9296: Rule / Alias FQDN-Resolution broken
Should the status on this be changed? It says resolved.


06:22 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9635 (Resolved): lldpd (and probably ladvd) doesn't work on units with an integrated switch
It appears the GUI configuration doesn't probably figure out what interface is selected. For example,
No matter wh...


07:38 PM pfSense Docs Correction #9520 (New): Feedback on Routing and Multi-WAN — Gateway Settings
*Feedback:* There is no documenta...


03:24 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9481 (Closed): traffic totals documentation link goes to 404 page
The question mark on the top right corner goes
Page not found:


05:30 PM pfSense Bug #8417: IPv6 bogon list size now too large to fit in standard maximum table size
Yes. I ran into the same issue as Ryan Jaeb . It took me awhile to figure that out. Very confusing.


11:25 AM pfSense Feature #7671: Gateway Monitoring Via Custom Script or Telnet.
There is a "Mark Gateway as Down" option in the GUI. If you could figure out how to script that flag...


05:43 PM pfSense Bug #6455: Can't delete Virtual IP "referenced by a least one gateway" if gateway outside interface subnet
Thanks! Just ran into this and changed the mast to /32 and I was then able to delete it. I thought it was a 2.4.0 bug...


05:13 PM pfSense Bug #6882: bsnmpd uses all available CPU with hostres module active in some cases
I don't see any mention about memory leaks here but this might be related.


02:02 AM pfSense Packages Bug #6129: zabbix agent/proxy 2.4 not ported to pfSense 2.3
Zabbix agents can be any version.
Zabbix proxies have to match the version of the Zabbix server so just supporting...
02:00 AM pfSense Feature #7881: OpenVPN client - add support for multiple server entries
I think to implement this is by setting the server to Other towards the top and leaving the field blank. Then using t...

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