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03:23 AM pfSense Bug #6254 (Resolved): status_lb_pool.php Save and Reset buttons don't work
When I want to managed servers (enable or disable) via status_lb_pool.php nothing happens. Marcin Janczarski


06:27 AM pfSense Bug #6170 (Resolved): load_balancer_virtual_server.php: Unable to set "None" as fall-back pool
Can't set none as fall-back pool in virtual server. It does not exists in drop-down menu Marcin Janczarski
06:25 AM pfSense Bug #6169 (Resolved): load_balancer_virtual_server.php: Can't set alias as IP address
When I want to sent alias as IP of Virtual server I receive "You must use this format:" Marcin Janczarski
06:21 AM pfSense Bug #6168 (Resolved): load_balancer_pool.php and load_balancer_virtual_server.php: Can't copy Load Balancer pool or virtual server
When I want to copy a pool in LB tab it's editing object that was taken as a source of copy and not create new one. Marcin Janczarski

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