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07:12 AM pfSense Docs Correction #11028 (Duplicate): Feedback on Hardware — Hardware Sizing Guidance
Can the SG-2100 be added to t...
Chris Macmahon


01:01 PM pfSense Bug #9388 (Resolved): Update ntpd
Ran pkg audit new install of 2.4.4-p2:... Chris Macmahon


04:00 AM pfSense Bug #8914: Gateway switch events cause a huge amount of log spew
Not sure what the acceptable level of log spam is:
Nov 22 09:56:56 check_reload_status Reloading filter
Nov 22 0...
Chris Macmahon


08:22 AM pfSense Packages Feature #9141 (New): FRR xmlrpc
FRR seems to be missing the option to sync the config viar XLMRPC. Chris Macmahon


03:00 PM pfSense Feature #8947: Cron based ACB option
And the ability to use both scheduled and automatic backup after each change. Chris Macmahon


01:47 PM pfSense Bug #8961 (Duplicate): IPSEC issues with Asynchronous Cryptography
With the release of 2.4.4 we enabled `Asynchronous Cryptography` by default, we are seeing cases where traffic does n... Chris Macmahon


04:05 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8900 (Resolved): pfBlockerNG
Crash report begins. Anonymous machine information:
Current Base System 2.4.4.r.20180914.1544
Chris Macmahon
03:43 PM pfSense Bug #8502: main (top) menu items do not drop down in some cases
ran arpping package 1.2.2_1, executed ping to mac, hover menu's don't populate, no crash recorded
ran package iperf ...
Chris Macmahon
02:53 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8899 (Resolved): AWS-ipsec error
2.4.4-RC (amd64)
built on Fri Sep 14 15:45:39 EDT 2018
FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p3
Factory install aws-wizard: F...
Chris Macmahon
07:02 AM pfSense Packages Bug #8670 (Resolved): HAProxy PHP error
Chris Macmahon

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