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05:29 AM pfSense Bug #8614 (New): Cannot remove Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options
While testing I noticed that you can add additional options in the DHCP serve... James Snell
05:15 AM pfSense Bug #8534: Invalid DHCP options can be added
Tested 2.4.4.a.20180702.2123
Services -> DHCP Server -> Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options
Set DHCP option 84 which ...
James Snell


11:26 AM pfSense Bug #8497: route errors ("route has not been found") on current 2.4.4 snapshots
Two reboots since 10am, routes ok. James Snell


03:57 PM pfSense Bug #8497: route errors ("route has not been found") on current 2.4.4 snapshots
FYI - I do have routing issues along with this error following a reboot (initial reboot from install was ok).
James Snell


10:09 AM pfSense Feature #8257: pfSense Diagnostics -> Packet Capture support for loopback interface
Tested build 2.4.3.a.20180126.0706
Navigated to Diagnostics -> Packet Capture
Localhost is available in interfa...
James Snell


04:10 AM pfSense Bug #7504: Info blocks do not work inside a table
Tested 2.4.0.b.20170502.2240 from:
- Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0
- Internet Explorer 11.1066.14393.0
Info bl...
James Snell
04:03 AM pfSense Feature #7505: system_certmanager.php: Certificate list should show SANs, KU, and EKU for certificates
Tested 2.4.0.b.20170502.2240
Info icon now showing for each certificate, infoblock contains SAN, KU and EKU inform...
James Snell


06:06 PM pfSense Feature #7122: Add filters to various dashboard widgets
Looks like the PR went in about 48hours after the last note.
Tested using build 2.4.0.b.20170412.1256
James Snell


09:28 AM pfSense Feature #7383: system_certmanager.php?act=new: Add new select option to sign a CSR
Build 2.4.0.b.20170323.1221
I was able to create a signing request and sign it via the UI.
The CSR remained in ...
James Snell


04:54 AM pfSense Feature #7122: Add filters to various dashboard widgets
Build 2.4.0.b.20170314.2306 showing a multi-select box for interfaces, was expecting checkboxes.
Cropped screensho...
James Snell

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