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11:06 AM pfSense Packages Feature #10134 (Resolved): pfSense-pkg-softflowd: Add additional options available in softflowd-1.0.0
*DEPENDS* on FreeBSD ports issue
pfSense PR: https://gith...
Ross Williams


10:22 AM pfSense Packages Bug #8258: BIND responds with SERVFAIL when adding/changing records if 'allow-update' is configured for a zone
Submitted a PR that fixes this: Ross Williams


07:54 PM pfSense Feature #9436 (New): Unbound: enable dnstap support
"dnstap": support in Unbound would allow for query logging from pfSense with minimal performance i... Ross Williams


11:10 AM pfSense Feature #4068: CAs present on CERT manager are not trusted from pfSense
Just submitted a pull request to resolve this issue:
Working now on ...
Ross Williams


07:21 PM pfSense Bug #6687: Secure email fails with private CA
The root issue appears to be #4068. Ross Williams
07:03 PM pfSense Bug #6687: Secure email fails with private CA
I am interested in implementing a related feature that allows a "private CA" to be installed as a trusted root that i... Ross Williams
07:19 PM pfSense Feature #7242: SSL Include CA Certs
This is a duplicate of #4068. I am considering addressing this issue, as it affects our operations using pfSense on a... Ross Williams

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