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10:28 AM pfSense Feature #9285 (Resolved): Add an option to disable the ping-check in dhcpd
In experiencing some strange DHCP behavior at a customer site, where DHCP leases were getting abandoned and never re-...


08:27 AM pfSense Bug #9004: Default gateway IPv4 set to a group fails after restart on 2.4.4
We also experienced this issue today. Had to set the "Default gateway IPv4" setting to WANGW so that pfSense could ge...


12:08 PM pfSense Bug #8720: restricting packages to official repository
Thanks for the clarification Jim. Do you have a list of requirements for packages being accepted into the pfsense rep...


12:22 PM pfSense Bug #8720 (Not a Bug): restricting packages to official repository
Hey guys, I noticed 3 days ago there was a commit 053182648b676676f9e631eca51c3e5a678344e9 by Renato that restricts t...


08:57 AM pfSense Bug #8524 (Resolved): HTTP_REFERER issue if changing the LAN IP in setup wizard
In the setup wizard if you change the LAN IP address, you get to the next page to set a password, but when continuing...


11:01 AM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
For those who'd like to do something now, I've finished testing a setup using TAYGA on a separate virtual machine wit...


04:36 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Google offers a public DNS64 resolver so if we could get NA...

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