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06:10 AM pfSense Feature #1019: Lagg Failover Mode Master Interface
The above is true for an lagg interface
that is running in LACP mode.
This bug was filed for an lagg interface
Martin Klein


05:10 AM pfSense Bug #1347: ntpd not starting
with the Fri Apr 8 18:33:38 EDT 2011 build the
issue seems to be gone.
Thank you
Martin Klein


05:54 PM pfSense Bug #1347 (Resolved): ntpd not starting
Using 2.0rc1 built on Thu Mar 10 22:09:10 EST 2011
the ntpd service is not starting at boot time and
also not star...
Martin Klein


05:11 AM pfSense Bug #1177: Passive FTP
Been running recent builds on i386 and
no problems so far.
Thank You for your Work.
Martin Klein


09:59 AM pfSense Bug #1075: rrd graphs missing / duplicate
The problem seems solved, i will continue
to test it at different times of day.
If i find further problems I will ...
Martin Klein


11:49 AM pfSense Bug #1177: Passive FTP
To your First Question using 8.01 snapshot the
problem still exists.
Attached are pcap files (passwords/usernames...
Martin Klein


08:17 AM pfSense Bug #1177 (Resolved): Passive FTP
On a Thu Jan 6 02:48:15 EST 2011 Snapshot
I am no longer able to connect to an internal
ftp server using pasv mode....
Martin Klein


11:22 AM pfSense Bug #1075: rrd graphs missing / duplicate
Well the issue seems to change a bit depending
on the current time.
at 17:18 (gmt+1) i see :
1h , 1min avg
Martin Klein


05:26 AM pfSense Bug #1075: rrd graphs missing / duplicate
Sorry for the delay.
The Problem is still there.
See attached screenshot of recent
Martin Klein


05:10 AM pfSense Bug #1039: Error on Syncronisation slave - DIOCADDRULE: Device busy
On the Dec 7 snapshot
the problem seems to be fixed.
Thank You
Martin Klein

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