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02:27 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10265 (New): Adding a Note with malformed title will force system restore
This is related to using Notes package.
Add a new note with title
"Add/Change/Set the custom resolution of you...


12:01 PM pfSense Bug #9270: "Remove all states to and from the filtered address" does not remove all states
Is this fix part of current development snapshot ?


10:13 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9300 (Rejected): ACME package: last time updated
It’s low priority but nice to have.
Please expose in addition to ‘Last renewed’ time stamp “Last updated” on the t...
10:09 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9299 (New): ACME package : Automate add/remove firewall rule for port forwarding

Currently if user wants to fordward port 80 (for stand alone method for example) to a different port and also not ...


04:25 PM pfSense Bug #9291: Schedule icon missing
Ok copy thx
03:47 PM pfSense Bug #9291 (Not a Bug): Schedule icon missing
See attached.
Fine print says <icon >"Indicates that the schedule is currently active."
But there is no icon on...


01:25 PM pfSense Bug #9270 (New): "Remove all states to and from the filtered address" does not remove all states
Simple use case:
Filter all states for an IP of any device (used my iPhone IP) in *_"Diagnostics"/"States"/"States_"...


11:36 AM pfSense Bug #8979 (Duplicate): DNS Forwarder broken in 2.4.4
After upgrading to 2.4.4 Services / DNS Forwarder seems broken:
Crash report begins. Anonymous machine information...


12:01 PM pfSense Packages Feature #8279: Consider adding a new option to the Rule Order
Two more options:
1 - in pfBlockerNG, Rule Order add option - "Do not change (preserve) existing order"


03:44 PM pfSense Bug #8389: OpenVPN servise status does not update
My apologies for being unclear :(
I don't see the initial problem I reported.
I stopped VPN server and saw it's m...

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