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08:06 AM pfSense Plus Bug #12516 (Rejected): Backup/Restore NAT should auto-create associated firewall rules
I am in the process of migrating settings from an older HA pair of XG-7100 units to a new HA pair of XG-1537. I just... Marc Mapplebeck


12:12 PM pfSense Feature #4881: allow dynamic IPs-nets for NPt
I'm going to chime in to the usefulness of this. My use case is a little different, but the same principle. I have ... Marc Mapplebeck


04:32 PM pfSense Docs Todo #12395 (New): Feedback on Packages — FRR Package — Border Gateway Protocol — BGP Required Information
Would be hel...
Marc Mapplebeck


01:56 PM pfSense Packages Feature #12358 (New): IP List Copy/Import/Export
I've added both of my items in one issue, as they are all part of the same functionality.
I'd like to see if it's ...
Marc Mapplebeck


08:14 AM pfSense Bug #7819: php-fpm crashing
I have been experiencing the same issues on one VM for a few weeks now. Another VM, and 4 appliances are all fine. ... Marc Mapplebeck

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