Arian olde Kalter

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02:39 AM pfSense Feature #7882 (Rejected): Seperator feature in DHCP Static mapping for this feature
Under Firewall -> Rules you have the possibility to seperate the rules with a seperator, this is a nice feature and i...


10:03 AM pfSense Bug #7864: OpenVPN (tun/tap) is not showing
I found out that when it was maked through the wizard option, this will happen.
09:41 AM pfSense Bug #7865 (Resolved): User groups -> Assigned Privileges doesn't work
When you try to add a new usergroup (system_groupmanager.php?act=new) then you can assign privileges on this group an...
09:32 AM pfSense Bug #7864 (Resolved): OpenVPN (tun/tap) is not showing
In the description of the OpenVPN Servers there was the information of it was an (tun) or (tap) tunnel.
Now it only ...

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