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UDP Broadcast Relay

Added by Mark Whitworth almost 2 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Current packages like Avahi and PIMD can help users cast across VLANs, which is great for HOME/GUEST to IOT type scenarios, but it doesn't seem to address everything and IGMP proxies, snooping, etc. don't either. Google Home, for example, won't list speaker groups which involve the devices on the downstream VLAN. Apparently Chromecasts do some interesting things like changing source/destinations as Chromecast requires broadcasts to originate from an address on its subnet.

I found this package that runs a UDP relay daemon. [[]]

It's an updated version of a UDP relay from a few years back and it is working perfectly in identifying my Chromecast speaker groups on my IOT VLAN (while I remain on GUEST). It appears to be effective at all of these things:
  • mDNS / Multicast DNS (Chromecast Discovery + Bonjour + More)
  • SSDP (Roku Discovery, DLNA Media, Sonos, UPnP + More)
  • ifx Bulb Discovery
  • Broadlink IR Emitter Discovery
  • Warcraft 3 Server Discovery
  • Windows Network Neighborhood Discovery
  • Syncthing Discovery
  • Raknet Discovery (Minecraft)

This would be a great addition as a package in pfSense. As it stands, it is a bit tricky to run as a daemon (it hangs other services if not handled properly) and it would be nice to have an indicator on the dashboard with the other services when it is started and stopped.


UDPBroadcastRelay.JPG (104 KB) UDPBroadcastRelay.JPG Garth Kirkwood, 12/26/2020 01:43 AM
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Updated by Jim Pingle almost 2 years ago

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Updated by Garth Kirkwood over 1 year ago

I have found this tool really handy for me so I want to help to make it happen, unfortunately I don't have the programming skills to do any of the behind the scenes nuts and bolts stuff, but what I can do is front-end stuff and help develop the logic so that a programmer can simply follow that.

To show my genuine interest I have made a package panel and am wondering if it is worth perusing any further, i.e. developing the underlying logic etc? Here is what it looks like:

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Updated by Chetan Rao over 1 year ago

I just came here to say the same, and saw your post Garth. I'm a programmer by profession, but have never built any PfSense packages. However, I'm strongly motivated, since this tool solved a nagging problem that I've had.

In case you're unaware, there's a thread for this tool here:

If you'd like, please post your screenshot there, and we can collaborate and see where it goes.


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Updated by Kevin L over 1 year ago

Would absolutely love to see this becoming a pfSense package. Thank you Chetan and Garth for taking a shot at this.

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Updated by Carl Schmitz 10 months ago

Would also like to this this as pfSense package with GUI.

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Updated by MILO MEDIN 5 months ago

Is there any work going on to integrate this? I have a problem with chromecast audio groups that this would fix (that avahi doesn't).

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Updated by Axel Taferner 5 months ago

MILO MEDIN wrote in #note-7:

Is there any work going on to integrate this? I have a problem with chromecast audio groups that this would fix (that avahi doesn't).

I can't answer your question but you can already fix your problem by manually setting this up by following the instructions from the forums linked above in the reply from Chetan Rao.

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Updated by James M 3 months ago

Hello Viktor Gurov, is there any ETA for this package to be merged into pfSense? It seems the GitLab linked does not resolve (maybe an internal link?). Thanks and Cheers!


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