Bug #11339

Odd console output when WireGuard is running

Added by Marcos Mendoza 3 months ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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I'm not sure what triggers the output (see image attached), and I'm not completely certain that it's WireGuard to begin with. I have multiple pfSense VMs on ESXi, and the only common denominator I find when I see this output is that Wireguard is running. The text shows up on the system logs as well:

Jan 29 23:18:47 kernel calculated: e3d390f6a689613e6e8f19d3a168a868
Jan 29 23:18:47 kernel sent : 85c1f7b46486a309823acc2a341c86c7

As far as I can tell, there's no issue and it doesn't happen so often as to spam the logs. Hence this redmine entry is more-so to document the behavior.

image.png (42 KB) image.png Marcos Mendoza, 01/29/2021 06:19 PM


#1 Updated by Jim Pingle 2 months ago

When Steve saw it, I think he had a routing loop of sorts -- the outer WireGuard traffic was attempting to go over the WireGuard tunnel, which was set as his default gateway accidentally at the time. Was that also the case for you?

#2 Updated by Marcos Mendoza 2 months ago

That was not the case here, though I did have the gateway selection set to automatic. However, given that the WAN gateway is another pfSense firewall's LAN IP and given there were no gateway events, I don't believe the gateway ever changed to the WG interface. The only somewhat odd configuration I have is that it's a VM with only one interface (WAN).

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle 2 months ago

If your gateway was set to automatic there is a high chance that wireguard took over as the default gateway. At least in my testing it's prone to doing that, which is why in all the docs I mention setting a specific gateway as default before assigning.

#4 Updated by Marcos Mendoza 2 months ago

For completeness sake, this is confirmed to be WireGuard.

root@banshee:~/macy-freebsd-wg/sys/dev/if_wg# grep -ir printf module/crypto/zinc/chacha20poly1305.c 
        printf("src_len too short\n");
        printf("calculated: %16D\n", b.mac, "");
        printf("sent      : %16D\n", src + dst_len, "");

root@banshee:~/macy-freebsd-wg/sys/dev/if_wg# grep -ir -A3 -B3 'printf("calc' module/crypto/zinc/chacha20poly1305.c 
    if (likely(!ret))
        chacha20(&chacha20_state, dst, src, dst_len, simd_context);
    else {
        printf("calculated: %16D\n", b.mac, "");
        printf("sent      : %16D\n", src + dst_len, "");
    memzero_explicit(&chacha20_state, sizeof(chacha20_state));

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