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Proprietary packages link to non-existant or non-public github pages

Added by Kris Phillips over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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When clicking on the version number to view the code for packages like openvpn-import and aws-wizard, these link to a non-existant Github page (or one that is private). We should probably add a way to just remove these links on proprietary packages for pfSense Plus.

For example, aws-wizard links to which is an invalid path.

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Updated by Viktor Gurov over 2 years ago

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See also #9755

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Updated by Kris Phillips over 2 years ago

Viktor Gurov wrote in #note-1:

See also #9755

I understand Jim's comments on that redmine, but it seems since we're putting more and more proprietary packages into the package manager, we probably should think about this more seriously. We should just add a field that hides the link if there is a flag to do so in the package.

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Updated by Jim Pingle over 2 years ago

The other issue isn't really related. They are two distinct problems that wouldn't have a common solution.

This one could be solved by adding a feature to the package system which allows a package to override a value for its changeloglink so it can point to some other URL that isn't on github, or optionally disable the link in some way.

Some packages would be better served by having the version number link to a forum thread or category, others may want to link to a page in the docs. Letting each package override it would let us define custom URLs for internal packages as needed, or disable them if we don't have any public-facing page with that sort of information.

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Updated by Kris Phillips about 1 month ago

Testing this on 24.03, this seems to be less of an issue since it looks like the FreeBSD-ports tree has empty/blank packages with no commits for the packages that are proprietary.


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