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Add VLAN Re-assignment to Import Interface Mismatch Wizard

Added by Kris Phillips about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Currently if an interface is assigned to an interface in an imported config, there is no way to re-assign the interface the VLAN is "tied" to. We should add an option to allow VLAN parent interfaces to be reassigned without manually editing the config.xml before import. Otherwise all but the most basic of configs will run into issues.

For example: If a config consists of :

WAN --> igb0
LAN --igb1
DMZ --> igb1.10

And the new interfaces are ix0 and ix1, you will be able to map WAN and LAN, but not DMZ at the config restore section under Diagnostics --> Backup and Restore. This will cause an interface mismatch which will trigger the interface assignments screen in the console no matter what you do here, forcing you to basically redo everything you already did. If this could just be mapped with something like a "assign to interface as VLAN" checkbox and allow you to check the interface, this wouldn't be an issue.

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Updated by Kris Phillips about 2 years ago

Also important to note that this would greatly improve the current situation with importing configs with discrete interfaces to Netgate appliances that utilize switchports with untagged VLANs for discrete interfaces, since they could be assigned to the parent interface on import.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 2 years ago

There is no "interface mismatch wizard" all it does is present the existing interface assignment screen. So however this gets implemented it would have to be something completely new.

Users can do this already it's just not obvious. They need to go over to the VLANs tab, create VLANs on the new target interface, and then go back to the assign tab and move the assignments. Not ideal, but possible, unless something changed that broke that behavior. Not very scalable to a large number of VLANs, but possible.

There could be an option on the assignment screen to relocate VLAN children when reassigning but that wouldn't help cases where a VLAN parent is unassigned and the parent interfaces are only referenced on the VLANs tab, hence this needing to be something new.

I thought we already had a feature request for mass changes for VLAN parents but I'm not finding it now.


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