Bug #13498


Newer variant models within the PC Engines APU2 platform are not recognized, causing garbled early serial console output

Added by Brett Keller over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The PC Engines APU2 hardware platform has a dedicated entry in system_identify_specific_platform() in, but the existing detection code only correctly identifies the original "apu2" variant. Newer variants have been released over the years that all still fall under the "APU2" platform, but their model/variant names are different.

If these newer hardware variants are not properly detected by pfSense, they appear in the Dashboard with the generic "pfSense" system name instead of "PC Engines APU2".

More importantly, there is special-casing in place that changes pfSense from using dual serial/video console output to serial-only console output for the APU2 platform hardware. This is necessary to fix an issue where the bootloader is rendered unusable because the console output is garbled when dual serial/video console output is enabled. Since the newer hardware is not being detected by system_identify_specific_platform(), the special-casing is not being applied, and it is difficult or impossible to interact with the bootloader on these devices.

I have physical access to one of these newer hardware variants at the moment, so I have written and tested a patch that I will submit shortly.

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Updated by Brett Keller about 1 year ago

This patch has been ready to go for a while. Any chance of getting it merged before the next release?

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Updated by Brett Keller 11 months ago

Is there anything more you need from me in order to merge this patch? It looks like the 2.7 release is coming soon, and I'd really hate to have this fix miss that release. Please let me know if there's any further action needed on my part.

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Updated by Marcos M 5 months ago

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Updated by Brett Keller 5 months ago

Thanks. Code updated, rebased, squashed, and ready for re-review, please.

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Updated by Marcos M 5 months ago

Applied in changeset fc0910fddba7d086bc8581cc1c08b6870d57a5c1.

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