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Boot after upgrade form 22.05 to 23.01 hangs

Added by RED SKULL over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Operating System
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Loading kernel..
/boot/kernel/kernel text=0x1a8f80 text=0x1052b58 text=0x1a260c0 data-0x140 data=0x2618c4+0×59d73c 0x8+0x1ccba8+0×8+0×1d7685/
loading configured kernel modules
/boot/kernel/zfs.ko size 0x5b2878 at 0x3ba5000
/etc/hostid size=0×25
/boot/kernel/opensolaris.ko size Oxaab0 at 0x4158000
/boot/entropy size=0×1000
staging Oxaa200000 (not copying) tramp Oxb6ac0000 PT4 Oxbab7000
Start @ Oxffffffff803a9000
EFI framebuffer information:
addr, size 0x0000000 , 0×500000
dimensions 1280 × 1024
stride 1280
masks 0x00ff0000. 0x0000ff00. 0x000000ff. 0xff000000


clipboard-202304241821-gjmcl.png (19.9 KB) clipboard-202304241821-gjmcl.png Travis McMurry, 04/24/2023 05:22 PM

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Is duplicate of Regression #13895: Early boot hangs on Hyper-V with Gen2 VMsResolvedLeon Dang

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Updated by RED SKULL over 1 year ago

Hangs during boot right after the last line shown in the entry above.

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Updated by Jim Pingle over 1 year ago

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There isn't enough detail here to say it's an actionable bug.

Please post on the forum to discuss and diagnose the problem further.

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Updated by Travis McMurry about 1 year ago

I'm also experiencing this issue Jim Pingle. Host OS is Hyper-V 2022.

This post on reddit summarizes the issue exactly:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take Hyper-V checkpoint from a power off state, power on pfSense CE 2.5.2
  2. Upgrade from 2.5.2 to pfSense CE 2.6.0
  3. After successful upgrade, shut pfSense CE down, and take another Hyper-V checkpoint
  4. Upon successful power up, select upgrade to pfSense+ 23.01
  5. Allow the upgrade to process, reboot, come back online - pfSense+ 23.01 will be working properly
  6. Take a Hyper-V checkpoint from power on state (this is important as it's the rollback mechanism I'll need to use later)
  7. Shut down pfSense
  8. Power on pfSense. It will not boot, gets stuck with can't find /etc/hostid.
  9. Reboot into Single user mode
  10. ls /etc/hostid - cannot find file
  11. Try to regenerate /etc/hostid (
  12. /etc/rc.d/hostid start
  13. /etc/rc.d/hostid_save start
  14. Receive error - cannot write to /etc/hostid
  15. Revert to checkpoint from power-on state, pfSense+ restores to last online running state (works proper)
  16. Reboot, receive error cannot find /etc/hostid

When I get back to the restored state, I can drop to the Hyper-V remote console and issue (#8 Shell):

  1. ls /etc/hostid - file not found
  2. find / -name hostid - /etc/rc.d/hostid (1 result)
  3. /etc/rc.d/hostid_save start -> Successful
  4. ls /etc/hostid - file present /etc/hostid
  5. cat /etc/hostid - Contains a UUID.
  6. kenv -q smbios.system.uuid - Contains the same UUID
  7. exit (goes back to pfsense console menu)
  8. take a Hyper-V power-on snapshot
  9. Option 5 (reboot)
  10. pfSense 23.01 reboots, comes back online normally
  11. Option 6 (halt)
  12. pfSense 23.01 powers off
  13. Turn VM back on in Hyper-V
  14. pfSense hangs, but this time without the error for /etc/hostid
  15. Turn VM off
  16. Turn VM on
  17. Hangs at boot screen
  18. Reset VM "a few times", pfSense eventually boots

Seems like two things are going on. pfSense+ 23.01 is not generating /etc/hostid as it is supposed to. That is correctable prior to 1st reboot with issuing /etc/rc.d/hostid_save start. However, the part where it freezes with the screenshot provided, I cannot isolate. This behavior never happened on CE 2.5 or CE 2.6, on Hyper-V 2022.

The VM is configured:
  • 6GB RAM
  • 2 vCPUs (Ryzen 5780, 8c16t)
  • UEFI
  • Secure Boot disabled
  • 1 vNIC configured in allow all vlan mode (2-4094 trunk, 1000 native), default vNIC options except enabling MAC Spoofing
  • All integration services offered/enabled
  • Auto Start at Hyper-V Boot / Auto Shutdown on Hyper-V reboot/shutdown
  • No automated checkpoints
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Updated by Marcos M about 1 year ago

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This looks like the issue reported here which is fixed for 23.05:

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Updated by Marcos M about 1 year ago


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