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default whitelist is not created

Added by Jon Brown over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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When I click on the button from the + button from the reports tab and follow the whitelisting, the default whitelist is not created. I did this becasue i was curios what the default name would be.

Step 1 - Click the + button

Step 2 - Select the whitelist option

Step 3 - Create new pfB_whitelist_v4

Step 4 - Add a description

Step 5 - Add the description

Step 6 - Alias/Custom list page appears but is empty


default-whitelist-step-2.jpg (20.4 KB) default-whitelist-step-2.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
default-whitelist-step-1.jpg (84.1 KB) default-whitelist-step-1.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
default-whitelist-step-3.jpg (26.2 KB) default-whitelist-step-3.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
default-whitelist-step-4.jpg (17.4 KB) default-whitelist-step-4.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
default-whitelist-step-5.jpg (17.1 KB) default-whitelist-step-5.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
default-whitelist-step-6.jpg (211 KB) default-whitelist-step-6.jpg Jon Brown, 03/22/2023 08:29 AM
pfblockerlist.png (397 KB) pfblockerlist.png Chris W, 04/15/2023 09:12 PM
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Updated by Chris W over 1 year ago

What version of pfBlocker are you using?

I'm unable to reproduce this with a fresh install of pfBlockerNG-devel 3.2.0_4 on CE 2.6. What I see happen is, after I click the OK button on your Step 5: add a description, I'm immediately taken to Firewall > pfBlockerNG > IP > IPv4 > IP > IPv4: IPv4 Custom_List and it shows the entry I just made. I click the blue Save IPv4 Settings button at the bottom of the page and it's still there when I scroll back down.

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Updated by Jon Brown over 1 year ago

I was using pfBlockerNG-devel 3.2.0_3 but upgraded to pfBlockerNG-devel 3.2.0_4 and then checked my findings.


I found the wizard itself builds the correct URL, here are my findings

What this means is

  • The wizard is working as it passes the correct URL
  • The edit/create IPv4 list page is broken. The variable (GET) parsing bit.
  • When special characters or white space is present in the description you enter during the wizard, this breaks the loading of the edit/create IPv4 page loads because the variables are not parsed correctly.
  • When you did your test you either you did not enter a description or you entered a description with no spaces or special characters. If you used 'pfBlockerNG Whitelist' as shown in your picture this would of broken the page load.


pfblockerng_category_edit.php is not correctly using GET variables when they have spaces or special characters in them. this causes the input filed population not to work as expected.


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