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Show Auto Generated Rules and Use them to turn features on/off when applicable

Added by Chris Mirchandani over 9 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Rules / NAT
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I recently submitted Bug #2041 about regarding auto generated dhcp rules and that has been fixed, but an argument was brought up about this fix. The problem is that the auto DHCP rules were not being created with the quick option which allows user rules to negate them. One person believed that it should work so that they can be negated and another did not and quick was added to the code. In my opinion the ability for a user to block the rule should come with turing the feature off.

A compromise could be to have auto generated rules show up on the rules page and for rules like the DHCP rules, the user could disable the rule like a rule would normally be disabled, but the disable function for these rules would disable the service that creates the rule.

While this may be not needed for the disable feature by rule to work, it would be great for DHCP failover to be disabled via something like a check box rather than by removing the IP. There may be other sections that would benefit from being able to be enabled/disabled via something like a check box.


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