Bug #4524

Relax shaper wizard interface validation when there are no interfaces with gateways selected

Added by Jim Pingle about 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Traffic Shaper (ALTQ)
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Some scenarios, such as those using BGP, will have no gateways defined on interfaces (e.g. Interfaces > WAN or Interfaces > WAN2) and yet they should still be able to use the shaper wizard. With the current multi-all wizard this is not possible. Because there are no gateways selected, the WAN connection count test fails, and even if it passes that test, the interface drop-down lists are populated using a similar test as well.

Such systems could have local static route gateways, so a better test may be: If no interfaces have a gateway defined, allow any interface to be chosen as WAN or LAN.

The the # of connections test could simply be checking if the sum of both boxes is greater than the available interfaces, and the WAN/LAN test to populate the drop-downs could be skipped.


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