Bug #4569

system_set_harddisk_standby() needs rewritten for current CAM-based ATA stack

Added by Jim Pingle about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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The current system_set_harddisk_standby() function in source:etc/inc/ uses invalid sysctl values and commands for FreeBSD 10.x.

The old style of setting ATA standby is gone, there is no general way to set standby that I could see. The value must be set using camcontrol, for example:

camcontrol standby ada0 -t x

Where x is the value for standby in seconds, or 0 to disable. It must be run for each ATA device explicitly.

So rather than setting one value we'll likely need to iterate kern.disks and run the camcontrol command for each.

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Revision 3e4f8fc4 (diff)
Added by Doktor Notor over 5 years ago

Bug #4569 - system_set_harddisk_standby() rewritte for current CAM-based ATA stack

Resubmit of #1767

Revision a60c1700 (diff)
Added by Doktor Notor over 5 years ago

Re-enable hard disk standby (Bug #4569)


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this looks fine now on the back end, but the front end part was lost in bootstrap conversion. Opened #5482 for that.

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