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AutoConfigBackup make a way to easily download a saved backup

Added by Phillip Davis almost 8 years ago. Updated 21 days ago.

Auto Configuration Backup
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From the Stats and Restore tabs you can easily see all the stored backups for any host belonging to your account - great stuff.
Sometimes it is nice to get a copy of the configs downloaded locally so you can save them away somewhere for yourself. Of course you can do this already by:
a) Login to each system and do a Download Configuration; or
b) View the latest config in AutoConfigBackup and the copy-paste the content into a file of your own.

It would be really convenient to have the following in AutoConfigBackup:
1) On the Restore tab, where there are already buttons for "Restore", "Show info", "Delete", add a button for "Download" that has similar effect to the Download Configuration button in Diagnostics->Backup/Restore.
2) On the Stats tab, where there are already buttons for "View all" and "Delete all", add a button "Download latest backup" - that would make it really easy to grab the latest backup of whatever system you want.

This would make it easy to quickly grab a copy of the config from every system in your account.

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ACB moved to base a while back, updating issue accordingly.

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This functionality now exists.


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