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Standard release notes URLs to facilitate GUI viewing before upgrade

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The GUI indicates whether an upgrade is available, but doesn't provide a way to see the summary or detailed release notes for various versions, or a list of releases. So a user who is told an upgrade is available, can't quickly and easily see what the upgrade involves, or (if they would "jump" an upgrade eg 2.2.2 -> 2.4) any information about the interim upgrades.

It's in everyone's interest that upgrading is easy, so I looked to see what's needed to add this. The biggest problem seems to be that there don't seem to be standard URLs to find summary and detail version release notes, or a URL which lists the previous release versions in "bare" format. They're put on the forum but that's got an unpredictable URL and cluttered by forum formatting.

So this is a request, could a schema be used so that there is a URL where the router can go to grab the bare list of releases, and the summary and detail release notes for these in a standardised URL? I'm not asking for any change to the router code, but just standard URLs to be designated so that if/when release note info viewing is added to the upgrade page (by myself or anyone else who wants to), the URLs needed to make it work are set up and working.

Thanks :)

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We already have a "standard" URL for them on the doc wiki:<release number>_New_Features_and_Changes

It's been that way since 2.0


Full list is at -- last column has a link to these pages.

Could either link there or attempt to pull in the text somehow.

The mediawiki markup is still readable as plain text if accessed directly, for example:

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