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CODELQ Traffic Shaper Causes Panic and Reboot During Speed Test

Added by Chad Wagner about 6 years ago. Updated 8 days ago.

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I started receiving seemingly random kernel panics after upgrading to 150/150 internet service.

Crash reports were submitted from the following IP addresses:
XX.X54.147.132 (my current IP)

I had been running running the DSLReports speed test to check for bufferbloat and then setup CODELQ on all of my interfaces with a bandwidth of 142 mbits/sec. This would improve my bufferbloat score. After this I started to experience random kernel panics. After fully testing my hardware and finding it to be stable I put the system back online and ran a speed test. During the upload portion of the test the machine rebooted. I submitted this report from XX.X54.147.132. I then removed all shapers and am no longer experiencing random reboots and crash reports.

I have the following packages installed:
Avahi Network Management 1.10.3
Cron Services 0.3.2
OpenVPN Client Export Utility Security 1.2.20
Sarg Network Report 0.6.7
squid3 Network 0.4.2
squidGuard Network Management 1.9

Squid is running transparently.

Thread I was posting to:

Let me know if you need any further information


codelq.txt (207 KB) codelq.txt Daniel Grinkevich, 02/26/2016 11:23 AM
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Updated by Chad Wagner about 6 years ago

Just a quick update. Since turning off the CODELQ Traffic Shaper my box has been up for over 32 days without an issue.

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Updated by Chris Buechler almost 6 years ago

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Updated by Daniel Grinkevich almost 6 years ago

I upgraded to 150/150 as well, enabled CODELQ on all interfaces and experienced the same crashing. I've attached the crash log.

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Updated by Luiz Souza over 5 years ago

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Updated by Chad Wagner about 5 years ago

I just experienced this apparently same crash on 2.4 while running the DSLReports Speedtest. The system crashed after a couple of seconds into the upload speed portion of the test. I was not using CODELQ or any shapper when this crash occurred in 2.4. Reverting to 2.3.2 with the same configuration does not crash while running the speed test.

My system is:
Supermicro A1SRI-2558F
120GB Intel 320 SSD
Frontier FiOS 150/150

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Updated by Jim Pingle 8 days ago

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Doesn't seem to be an issue anymore, and there is a lack of detail here (no details of the config, not even if it's ALTQ or dummynet), no crash dump/backtrace, etc.

It doesn't happen to me with a limiter-based FQ_CODEL setup ( ), I can run multiple speed tests back-to-back and have been running that config live for over a year without any related panics.


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