Bug #5693


Hide/Mask stored passwords when presenting GUI forms

Added by Jim Pingle over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Currently there are a number of places in the GUI for the user to enter passwords used by additional or external systems (Proxies, Notifications, auth servers, HA Sync, etc) and when a password is stored, it is presented back to the user in the form. Ideally this should not be the case. Even though the passwords are stored plain in config.xml if a user has limited access they couldn't see the raw config, but they could potentially get a stored password from the GUI.

A couple ideas (not necessarily the best way, suggestions only):
  • Come up with a "standard" password entry method that has both a password and confirm password box
  • Don't present the real password to the user, but some fake/pre-determined value that the code will recognize and ignore so it doesn't clobber the real password when saving, it would only save the entered value if both the password and confirm password match.
  • On pages where the password is optional, retain the ability to leave the password blank/have no password

It would be extra nice if we could find some way to prevent browsers from auto-fill spamming everything with the GUI password if the user has it stored as well, which is another common source of misery in this area.

Mostly complete list of affected pages/fields:
  • system_hasync.php: HA sync password
  • services_captiveportal_vouchers.php: Voucher sync settings
  • system_advanced_notifications.php: Growl password, SMTP password
  • services_captiveportal.php: RADIUS shared secrets, RADIUS MAC auth password
  • system_authservers.php: RADIUS shared secret, LDAP bind user credentials
  • wizards/setup_wizard.xml: PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP WAN passwords
  • services_pppoe_edit.php: PPPoE user password, RADIUS shared secrets
  • interfaces_ppps_edit.php: PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP WAN passwords
  • interfaces.php: PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP WAN passwords, 802.1x RADIUS shared secrets, DHCPv6 advanced keyinfo statement secret (maybe?)
  • services_dyndns_edit.php: DynDNS service account password
  • system_advanced_misc.php: Proxy password
  • vpn_l2tp_users_edit.php: L2TP user password
  • firewall_virtual_ip_edit.php: CARP VIP password
  • vpn_openvpn_client.php: Proxy password, connection user password
  • wizards/openvpn_wizard.xml: Wizard stores RADIUS/LDAP password/secret, might be good to just blank that when finishing the wizard
  • services_dhcpv6.php: DNS domain key secret (maybe?)
  • vpn_ipsec_keys.php: User PSK/Passwords (might be overkill to hide those)

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