Bug #6911

no network on hyperv-v 2012 R1

Added by Dmitry Ivanov about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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i have installed 2.4 on hyper-v 2012 R1, set ip. no network.. no ping.. have updated drivers, enabled and disabled hw acceleration.. didn't help. R2+2.4 everything works. R1+2.3.3 also works.


#1 Updated by Dmitry Ivanov about 4 years ago

Bug 213618 - When running as a Hyper-V Guest, FreeBSD 11 networking does not work

#2 Updated by Dmitry Ivanov about 4 years ago

the problem appears to be fixed in FreeBSD 11.0- STABLE

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I don't have anything capable of running Hyper-V on Windows Server (R1 or R2) nearby so I can't easily confirm the issue, but from the sound of the FreeBSD bug report it's a known issue and has already been fixed upstream.

If it works on Windows Server 2012-R2, what's the incentive to go out of our way to pick up a fix so it works on an out-of-date version of server 2012-R1?

We will eventually get the fix once it is in a FreeBSD branch we release from, that may be pfSense 2.4, might be 2.4.1, it depends on if the fix makes it into an errata release on FreeBSD 11.0. In the meantime, if pfSense 2.3.x works there, that can be used for the time being.

I'll leave this open in the meantime in case the fix comes in from FreeBSD along the way to 2.4

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#6 Updated by Renato Botelho about 4 years ago

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This seems to be relevant commit -
Assign to Luiz for evaluation to make sure it can be cherry-picked

#7 Updated by Luiz Souza about 4 years ago

This is not so easy, there are a lot more relevant commits to MFC, a lot.

#8 Updated by Renato Botelho about 4 years ago

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There is no much we can do at this point for a release that seems to be unsupported by Microsoft according

If you need to stay using R1, you will need to stay on pfSense 2.3.x. If you need to run 2.4 you will need to upgrade Hyper-V to R2

#9 Updated by Dmitry Ivanov over 3 years ago

resolved in 2.4.1

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