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Add Top and Add Bottom on Seperator

Added by Daniel Subert over 7 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Rules / NAT
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Currently when separators are in use, to add a rule under the separator, you have to create the rule at the bottom of all the rules, scroll to the bottom of the page then drag it up to the location needed (which can be difficult if there are a lot of rules and separators), then click on the save button (back at the bottom of the list) and then the apply button.

This can be difficult when using small screens or when using a trackpad on a laptop, especially when there are a lot of rules to set up.

As the move here button has been removed, it would be much more straightforward to add the rule under the seperator and then apply the rule. Alternatively (as you are using a new icon for the copy rule) another icon could be added to each rule as a create below current rule. Copy should not be used as this may create unknown settings in a new rule.

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While this might add some convenience, the same argument could be made for all of the action buttons, and even for moving rules in general.

Perhaps the "Add to top" and "Add to bottom" buttons should only be at the top or bottom respectively.

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