Bug #7342

Acme Certificates option to change the order of certificates is broken

Added by Sam Bingner almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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There is an anchor icon saying it will move the checked certificates to it on click. Clicking the anchor with certificates checked does nothing.


#1 Updated by Pi Ba almost 3 years ago

Works for me.. Check the box on the second certificate, click the anchor on the first one. After which the second certificate moves to first position.

#2 Updated by Jim Pingle almost 3 years ago

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Works here, too.

#3 Updated by Sam Bingner almost 3 years ago

I just updated from 0.1.12 to 0.1.14 as it had been updated since I submitted this and verified that it still does not work. I then installed a fresh copy on another firewall and it is working fine there. Must be some corruption with this firewall, perhaps related to being originally installed as 0.1.12. Will continue to investigate. Apologies.

#4 Updated by Phillip Davis almost 3 years ago

Maybe a browser cache of old JavaScript for the page? Try force refreshing the page (ctrl-F5) to make sure it is running the latest JS.

#5 Updated by Sam Bingner almost 3 years ago

I found what causes it. If I set the name to be the domain name with "."s eg: it won't let me click on the anchor on the line with the name including the full domain name. If all my certificate names have no "." in them it works fine.

#6 Updated by Pi Ba almost 3 years ago

@Sam, thanks for clarifying, should get fixed with this:

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