Bug #756

package installer issues on nanobsd

Added by Bipin Chandra almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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the package installer has been having issues on nanobsd from quiet some time now, below are steps to replicate it.

- install a fresh copy of nanobsd on alix and setup a new system
- goto packages section and install nvstat2 package and it will install just fine
- goto any other section and return to dashboard and the first issue there is it tries to resync packages and ends up removing the vnstat2 package for some reason
- if u dont goto dashboard at all then package stays installed and works also and to solve the above issue, u need to restart alix and then laoding dashboard doesnt remove the package and tends to work fine

- now suppose u upgrade nanobsd and after that it reboots, it tries to resync package and seems to install it also
- after pfsense loaded completely, when u login into the web gui, the dashboard page comes and it tries to resync the package for a second time but then ends up removing the package which shouldnt happen
- to solve this issue, u need to backup the config without package info and restore it and reboot and then try to install the package as a fresh installation.


#1 Updated by Chris Buechler almost 9 years ago

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#2 Updated by Mr Horizontal almost 9 years ago

This isn't true of all packages (blinkled for example is fine, as are dashboard widgets), but Snort for example is b0rked as well on nanobsd/ALIX.

Assumption: something to do with the 8.1 bump?

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle almost 9 years ago

Not likely an OS change. I'm not sure snort has ever really worked properly on NanoBSD w/2.0. vnstat didn't work at all on NanoBSD until recently, and it still doesn't save its data properly on shutdown/reboot. It probably hasn't been tested by its maintainer on 2.0.

#4 Updated by Chris Buechler almost 9 years ago

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looks like recent package fixes fixed this, I can't replicate it with the steps listed.

#5 Updated by Chris Buechler almost 9 years ago

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