Feature #97

Captive Portal should sync its database to other members of clusters

Added by Scott Ullrich over 8 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Captive Portal
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It would be desirable to sync the captive portal database between CARP members.

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Revision 4dc5d37f
Added by erwin about 3 years ago

Update to version 1.3.1, Maintainer change to Dan Mahoney <>

This is mainly a bug fix release, but it does contain one important new
feature. Upgrade is recommended.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version, showing changes since the last

1.3.1 2015/02/23
Fix bug #97: Add ability to change envelope sender, client IP
address, client hostname, and HELO value used in test
mode, via environment variables. This can be turned
into something more formal in a later release. Suggested
by Andreas Schulze.
Fix bug #102: Don't lose SPF results and output the "-1" default.
Reported by Kurt Roeckx.
Fix bug #103: Fix IgnoreAuthenticatedClients by requesting the
right macro value from the MTA.
Fix bug #113: Remove "TemporaryDirectory" (unused). Patch from
Andreas Schulze.
LIBOPENDMARC: Fix bug #104: Include <sys/param.h> and <resolv.h>
in <opendmarc/dmarc.h> so that MAXPATHLEN and MAXNS get
defined consistently. Reported by Frank J. Lhota.
LIBOPENDMARC: Fix bug #105: Get the h_errno definition from
<netdb.h> rather than declaring it. Problem noted
by Frank J. Lhota.
LIBOPENDMARC: Fix bug #106: Clean up issues with the types passed
to opendmarc_policy_library_dns_hook(). Noted by
Frank J. Lhota.
DOCS: Fix bug #99: Update list of constraints on
opendmarc_policy_fetch_alignment(). Reported by
Frank J. Lhota.
REPORTS: Fix bug #108: Handle malformed mailto URIs in DMARC
records (e.g., just "mailto:"). Reported by Andreas Schulze.
REPORTS: Fix bug #110: Support SQL backend selection in
opendmarc-expire. Reported by Mark Reidenbach.

PR: 198502
Submitted by: Jaap Akkerhuis <> (maintainer)


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