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04:19 AM pfSense Bug #8897 (Not a Bug): RADIUS WebUI login with RADIUS does not work
Hi all,
I setup FreeRADIUS as a RADIUS server and try to login to the WebUI then.
It is not working since the retur...
Peter Baumann


03:47 AM pfSense Bug #4532 (Resolved): /var/spool/lock Directory missing on nanobsd
We use ALIX Boxes for our OOB (Out of Band) Solution and connected USB-Serial Adapter to the Box.
For the Serial Con...
Peter Baumann


04:17 AM pfSense Packages Bug #4084: Check_mk agent doesn't work: wrong bash path
Fix would be the following: Peter Baumann
03:35 AM pfSense Packages Bug #4084: Check_mk agent doesn't work: wrong bash path
I found a solution to the problem.
Since the check_mk pfSense Package is downloading the latest check_mk_agent.freeb...
Peter Baumann


03:42 AM pfSense Packages Bug #4084: Check_mk agent doesn't work: wrong bash path
The Problem is that with 2.2-RELEASE bash is not there anymore so check_mk_agent will not work.
After installing bas...
Peter Baumann


09:23 AM pfSense Feature #1557: Add the Interface descriptions to the OS interface descriptions
Hi Developers of pfSense.
Is there any status update of this Feature?
2 Years ago the Target version was deleted.
Peter Baumann


04:13 AM pfSense Packages Bug #2618: High CPU load, low troughput - VMware ESXi (vSphere 5.0)
Hi Robin,
You opened the bug for ESXi 5.0 and above you're talking about VMware build 768111 which seems to be VMWar...
Peter Baumann


08:58 AM pfSense Bug #636: layer7 not work correctly
Hi all,
I tried with version:
2.0-RC1-IPv6 (amd64)
built on Mon Aug 15 22:32:41 EDT 2011
This seems definitely...
Peter Baumann
05:13 AM pfSense Bug #1407: GUI is sluggish without working DNS
Hi all,
I just tested successfull with the following snapshot:
2.0-RC3 (amd64)
built on Mon Aug 15 22:32:41 EDT ...
Peter Baumann


04:23 AM pfSense Bug #1512: Ghost CAs
Hi all,
I tested this today on my version on a ALIX Box:
2.0-RC3 (i386)
built on Wed Jul 20 19:51:58 EDT 2011
Peter Baumann

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