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01:15 PM pfSense Feature #4234: allow for strict user <> cn validation of mobile ipsec users when using rsa+xauth
The backend code that exists in /etc/inc/ipsec.auth-user.php is not actually something that can be used. It looks lik...


05:07 PM pfSense Bug #5350 (Feedback): 2.3 IPsec logging - silent can't be configured, issues with defaults
fixed upgrade_config errors in 4df73fa0e2e02f1f48872663a30d4004dc3ce537


01:08 PM pfSense Bug #5378: Intel x710 10GbE NIC doesn't work (no carrier)
Can you provide details of what you are observing? If there an error message displayed when you try to bring the inte...
12:25 PM pfSense Bug #4178: IPsec leftsubnet changed to with Cisco unity plugin active

Adding some analysis for the sake of documentation. The ticket was assigned to me and I'm not sure exactly how much...


04:40 PM pfSense Bug #5364 (Feedback): IPsec status pages show all time units as seconds
Applied in changeset commit:00ae4060fadd581e8bea44fc2c45e9236615849d.
04:40 PM pfSense Revision 00ae4060: Add "(hh:mm:ss)" in fields where time values are displayed in seconds on diag_ipsec.php. Fixes #5364
04:15 PM pfSense Revision 4df73fa0: add require of so convert_config doesn't fail when invoked by gitsync. #5350.
03:48 PM pfSense Revision a5c51e9a: Make the unbound advanced page show input error messages and prompts to apply changes when they are made. Move statement that saves _POST to pconfig so that values are displayed correctly after you apply changes.
03:20 PM pfSense Bug #5350 (Feedback): 2.3 IPsec logging - silent can't be configured, issues with defaults
Applied in changeset commit:c53e411fc458a59d39662e955b0677cdb37211c7.
03:17 PM pfSense Revision c53e411f: Fix #5350. Correct issues with strongswan logging (setting changes did not persist across reboots, setting silent did not work).

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