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05:34 PM pfSense Feature #6500 (New): Should be a way to determine which packages are available without having to update/install
Since one or more packages are often a "show-stopper" requirement for pfSense users, there should be a way to authori... B. Derman


03:48 PM pfSense Feature #6130: Alias-table failures can easily lead to serious security degradation should be caught
But this wasn't about the issues with creating an alias table (which is why it's a separate report). This is about h... B. Derman


03:25 AM pfSense Feature #6130 (Duplicate): Alias-table failures can easily lead to serious security degradation should be caught
Failures that result in empty alias-tables being created (e.g., or tables fa... B. Derman


05:37 PM pfSense Bug #6119 (Closed): Alias entry causes filterdns core dumps
The following is with pfSense 2.2.6 release AMD64 on a Core 2 Duo 3 GHz dual-core with 4 GB ram.
While creating...
B. Derman


04:57 PM pfSense Bug #4513: Change in IP Alias name causes no tables on reboot
FWIW, I have verified that this is no longer an issue (i.e., it's fixed) in pfSense 2.2.6. B. Derman


07:46 PM pfSense Feature #4646 (New): Recover valuable vertical screen real estate in dashboard
Vertical screen real estate tends to be quite valuable.
The dashboard page uses about 1/2" at the top of the page ...
B. Derman
02:49 AM pfSense Bug #4641 (Duplicate): Restored config loses IPv6 Link-Local DNS Forwarder Settings
Restoring a config that contains selected "Services -> DNS Forwarder -> Interfaces" which are "IPv6 Link-Local" doesn... B. Derman


08:30 PM pfSense Bug #4640 (Resolved): "Disable Cisco Extensions" change toggles "Auto-exclude LAN address" setting
After updating from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2, in VPN -> IPsec -> Advanced Settings, the check-box setting for "Disable Cisco Ex... B. Derman


02:43 AM pfSense Bug #4604 (New): NTP time server entries may or may not work, depending upon interfaces selected when configuring NTP service
The attached PDF (NTP.pdf) shows the following:
- 2 time-server entries: and another pfSense box (i...
B. Derman


07:14 PM pfSense Bug #3481: Run-Away processing with hme NICs
Seems to work find in 2.2 & 2.2.1.
B. Derman

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