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01:36 PM pfSense Feature #12120: Permit several sets of destination DHCP servers in DHCP relay
Mistake in the title: desintation => destination. Sorry. Guillaume LUCAS
12:51 PM pfSense Feature #12120 (New): Permit several sets of destination DHCP servers in DHCP relay
At this time, pfSense's DHCP relay allows a unique set of one or more target DHCP servers associated to a list of net... Guillaume LUCAS
01:10 PM pfSense Bug #12122 (New): Perform greedy actions asychronously
Applying some actions takes time (from tens of seconds to several minutes). In the meantime, the web interface hangs ... Guillaume LUCAS
01:04 PM pfSense Feature #6738: GUI Action Buttons replicated to the top of the List
See also #11956. Guillaume LUCAS
01:03 PM pfSense Feature #10290: Firewall Aliases Add button on top of list
See also #11956. Guillaume LUCAS
01:01 PM pfSense Feature #11956: "add" button in the top of pages with many user-added items
This feature request also expands #6738. Guillaume LUCAS
01:00 PM pfSense Packages Todo #11574: Add "nobind" to exported OpenVPN configurations by default
I vote for it. :) Guillaume LUCAS
12:58 PM pfSense Packages Feature #11165: OpenVPN Exporter - Allow for name customization
I vote for it.
IMO, the priority should be at least "normal" and the focus should be on the Windows installer beca...
Guillaume LUCAS
12:55 PM pfSense Feature #12121 (New): Wider "local network(s)" fields in OpenVPN server configuration
In OpenVPN server configuration, the fields "IPv4 local network(s)" and "IPv6 local network(s)" are too small in the ... Guillaume LUCAS


04:09 PM pfSense Feature #11975 (Duplicate): Simplify NAT logging to conforme more easily with local/regional laws
The French law requires from ISPs to log "who used this IP address at this timestamp?" informations for a year.
Guillaume LUCAS

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