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10:40 AM pfSense Regression #12234 (Resolved): Wireless Channel/Width Issues with GUI
As seen below this was introduced in the update after the July 19th snapshot that was released. The wireless list has... Nick K


10:11 AM pfSense Regression #11775: State counters not updating and always show 0/0 since last few updates
I second the Kris response. I am updated to the latest on both my CE and Plus devices and seeing the same issues afte... Nick K


08:45 AM pfSense Bug #9440 (Duplicate): Update to 2.5 corrupts SG-1100 & erases serial
Upon upgrading from 2.4.4-P2 to 2.5, the SG-1100 will not boot. I have attached the initial upgrade via serial. The u... Nick K


06:58 AM pfSense Bug #8715: System update: Unable to check for updates
I am having to do the same. Only solution is to roll back to the July 5th commit (below), replace the file on the pfS... Nick K


05:05 PM pfSense Bug #8639: Unable to boot zfs on root
I am trying to find out if you had edited the loader.conf file to add back in the ZFS loads (opensolaris_load...
Nick K
04:37 PM pfSense Bug #8639: Unable to boot zfs on root
Ken Sim wrote:
> This issue is resolved with 2.4.4.a.20180712.1231 snapshot. Looks like it was an issue building zfs...
Nick K


08:40 PM pfSense Feature #7781: Please Enable Rule Separators on Manual Outbound NAT
Does anyone know if this will be acknowledged to be added into the interface. With tons of nat rules, it becomes very... Nick K


06:45 PM pfSense Bug #1154: Kernel panic after connecting to OpenVPN
Successfully grabbed the panic in developer:
Kernel page fault with the following non-sleepable locks held:
Nick K


10:11 PM pfSense Bug #1154: Kernel panic after connecting to OpenVPN
We also reference the problem in,31721.0.html Nick K


08:21 PM pfSense Bug #1102: Captive Portal does not work after upgrade
Thomas NOEL wrote:
> Hello,
> Found a solution : # /sbin/sysctl net.inet.ip.fastforwarding=1
> I think the...
Nick K

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