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12:50 PM pfSense Revision 87489e5c: re-adding changes made to fix bug#6400, includes fixes for bug#8222 and bug#8223 that were introduced with the initial commit of this code.
original pull request was #3868 Peter Schofield


10:52 AM pfSense Bug #8222: When trying to add another OPT interface, it's replacing the last existing one
I have revered the OPT naming code to vanilla pfSense; if this bug still occurs it's caused by something else. Peter Schofield
10:52 AM pfSense Bug #8223: Cannot delete vlan, I get redirected to an empty page
This should now be fixed; I corrected the broken reference. Peter Schofield


12:04 PM pfSense Revision d7dc67f9: removed accidental rolling 'r' from comment
removed unused parameters from definition of convert_real_interface_to_friendly_interface_name_fast()
Peter Schofield
08:57 AM pfSense Revision c1a2c6c8: Changed license as requested and added a missing apostrophe in a comment.
Peter Schofield


01:14 PM pfSense Bug #6400: assign_interfaces.php issues with large numbers of interfaces
I have submitted a pull request that addresses this, waiting on pfSense devs now. Peter Schofield


02:47 PM pfSense Bug #8110: undefined functions validate_gateway($_post, $id) and save_gateway($_POST, $realid) in system_gateways_edit.php
those functions are NOT present in in my install, and the file is not damaged. Clearly this is a partial upd... Peter Schofield
12:44 PM pfSense Bug #8110 (Not a Bug): undefined functions validate_gateway($_post, $id) and save_gateway($_POST, $realid) in system_gateways_edit.php
While setting up 6 to 4 tunnel as per the howto documented in the wiki, I ran into this while making the edits... Peter Schofield


10:49 AM pfSense Revision 68eacaa2: fix for broken preselection of select boxes
Peter Schofield
08:38 AM pfSense Revision 529fbbfd: Improves bug#6400 further reducing page load time from my previous commit
Moved select box generation code out of interface display loop, meaning it runs once iterating over count(interfaces)... Peter Schofield

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