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OpenVPN: expose NBDD servers in GUI + fix GUI bugs

Added by Phil Wardt over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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In first commit, I expose the NBDD servers in GUI, replace some spaces by tabs and fix the GUI bugs
Commit 1: OpenVPN: expose NBDD servers option and fix gui bugs
- add option to push NBDD servers to client in both server and specific client overrides
- in OpenVPN server, when enabling NetBios options, then WINS Servers, disabling Netbios options now properly hides WINS Servers fields
- properly do not save NetBios settings in config when NetBios option is disabled in both server and client specific overrides
- in client specific overrides: NTP and DNS options: use javascript instead of toggles class because the latter causes inverted results when repeating clicks too quickly. This also matches the code used in the server page

Optional second commit:
OpenVPN: Rename deprecated settings variables
- the netbios old settings variables are automatically converted when loading the settings file, so deprecate them in

Optional last commit
Fix upstream empty() / 0 confusion
- if you set DNS/NTP servers values to 0, they will be saved in config, but on edit, the field is hidden, yet the server is properly saved as '0'.
This is because testing string 0 is false and empty() can be false for 'boolean true' and true for numeric '0'
This patch properly tests if a field has entries, text or numeric, excluding NULL, unset, empty and booleans


expose_nbdd_servers-v1.0.patch (18.3 KB) expose_nbdd_servers-v1.0.patch Phil Wardt, 04/22/2022 03:50 AM
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Updated by Phil Wardt over 1 year ago

Github pull request:

The first commit fixes a few annoying GUI bugs too

The second commit looks safe to me
The last one: the issue is using !empty() on form fields. A value of '0' can be entered, and will be saved in the settings file, but the GUI will not show it unless we enable the option again.
This should be fixed around most current GUI pages. I provide this optional implementation for the Client specific overrides as an example

Please feel free to merge only the commits you feel needed

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Updated by Phil Wardt over 1 year ago

patch applying to current master branch and to release v2.6

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Updated by Jim Pingle over 1 year ago

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Updated by Phil Wardt over 1 year ago

I posted the following patches:

Once they are merged, I will push the NDBB server part, as it is linked to the Netbios and Wins servers show/hide functions that need to be fixed first


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