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Installer fails to install to a geom mirror

Added by Steve Wheeler 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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The 23.01 installer fails to create the expected mount points when trying to reinstall UFS to an existing gmirror.

It also cannot create the expected partitions using 'auto' to a new geom mirror.


image (121).png (281 KB) image (121).png Steve Wheeler, 03/07/2023 06:11 PM
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Updated by Jim Pingle 3 months ago

You can get past that point by manually setting the UFS slice on the mirror to mount at / though it still fails eventually with different errors.

I'm not sure we should do anything for this, however, when ZFS mirrors are available and do work.

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Updated by Reid Linnemann 3 months ago

Do we want to cut the cord on UFS and just be done with it?

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Updated by Jim Pingle 3 months ago

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Reid Linnemann wrote in #note-2:

Do we want to cut the cord on UFS and just be done with it?

UFS is OK and not in question here, the problem is gmirror. If a user thinks they need gmirror for some reason or another they would have to install an older version and upgrade. They already haven't been able to create a new gmirror since 2.3 or earlier, reinstalling on gmirror just happened to work in the last iteration of the installer but doesn't any longer.

I was able to get this to work today by deleting and re-creating the UFS partition:

* Highlight the UFS partition
* Choose **Delete**
* Choose **Create**
* Arrow down to the mountpoint field
* Set the mountpoint to ``/``
* Press ``Tab``
* Choose **OK**
* Choose **Finish**
* Choose **Commit**

It also works if you delete the BSD parent (contains both the UFS and swap partitions) and then manually make a new "freebsd" type partition and then inside that, a new "freebsd-ufs" mounted at / plus a "freebsd-swap" partition.

"Auto" doesn't work, nor does installing on top of the old partitions, but the above workaround may be sufficient for anyone still needing to use gmirror in this day and age.

For most people needing a mirror, ZFS is the way to go at this point.

If it's easy to fix 'auto' in the installer we could maybe do that, but I don't see a point to putting in a lot of work here for gmirror.

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Updated by Kris Phillips 3 months ago

Typically right now we also have issues with the installer converting from gmirror to ZFS. Haven't tested since 22.05, but we usually have people run "gmirror destroy -f pfSenseMirror" from recovery shell if a ZFS mirror cannot be created.


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