Bug #5975


firewall rules, issues / requests about moving and selecting rules.

Added by Pi Ba over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Some things i found to be 'strange'.

1) Ability to move multiple rows at once to a new location after selecting them, and without drag and drop which isnt fancy for rule sets that dont fit on 1 screen. (This used to be possible in 2.2, but there is no 'move here' button anymore.)

2) Enabling/Disabling a single rule reloads the whole page, would be beter to do such a thing with a small ajax script that handles it in the background.

3) After adding a new rule and dragging it to the correct location 'apply' should automatically store the 'rule order' instead of tell its going to change pages requiring a save..

4) After dragging a rule to a different location, clicking it a single time selects a different row

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Updated by Chris Buechler over 8 years ago

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1) yeah that will make certain things that used to be easy a real pain. opened #5983 for that
2) feature, always been that way and no big deal.
3) by design
4) looks to be by design, it highlights where it used to be.

if someone would like to submit a pull request for 2, open to that.

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Updated by Pi Ba over 8 years ago

1) ok thanks.
2) been always like that indeed.. isnt verry friendly though..
3) it might be by (current) design, but can we change the design to make it less work?
4) selecting something different than what your clicking on imho cannot be 'by design'


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