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Captive portals do not synchronize voucher data in both directions

Added by Dejan Milojevic over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Captive Portal
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I have a master and slave Captive portals. They synchronized well the data in both directions and immediately about active vouchers and voucher rolls.
After upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4 the situation is as follows:
- data is synchronized from the slave to the master immediately it seems, e.g. when you expire the ticket on the slave, it registers on the master. The other way around does not work.
- data is synchronized from the master to the slave only upon clicking on the save button on the Services>Captive Portal>Vouchers form.

Just FYI, I have applied the previous CP patch which brought back the functionality of testing and expiring the vouchers.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 4 years ago

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Updated by Paighton Bisconer about 4 years ago

Tested on 2.4.3.a.20180305.1550

Was able to sync expired vouchers in both directions, resolved.

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Updated by A FL over 3 years ago

Renato wrote:

When voucher is used, disconnected or expired, sync it in both
directions using HA main information on primary to secondary

It seems that backward synchronization is still not working correctly.

xmlrpc_sync_voucher_details() of slave node returns false when a voucher is used/expired on slave, even if credentials of the master node are entered in the slave voucher page.

This happens because a global $cpzone; is missing in xmlrpc_sync_voucher_details(), causing the function to never get credentials entered in the voucher page.

Adding this global $cpzone; also seems to cause other issues (I am still investigating, but I am suspecting a CARP loop).


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