Bug #9447

Configuring LAGG at XG-7100 Switch Ports Broken

Added by DRago_Angel [InV@DER] 7 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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XG-7100 Switch Ports Lagg Table https://pfsense/switch_ports.php is broken.
When user assign lagg1 on port 3,4 this ports will be added to lagg1, but they will also be added to UPLINK lagg0 (which must have only 9,10 ports - each is 2,5G controller).
This will endup in network loop and pfSense will lose network connectivity even if in ETH3-ETH4 no cables actually was even plugged in.
Additionaly if user try create lagg2 with ports 5,6 then they will be added to lagg2, but they will also be added to:
  1. lagg1 (where alredy ports 3,4 wass exists)
  2. UPLINK lagg0.

More new ports at laggs3,4 will appier at laggs with lower number to.

Temporary workaround:
Use console (over USB-COM port, or SSH but with caution) and use Shell command to configure XG-7100 Switch Ports.
Example for create lagg1 with port 3,4 and lagg2 with ports 5,6 run 2 commands:
etherswitchcfg laggroup1 members 3,4
etherswitchcfg laggroup2 members 5,6

Additional request:
  1. Add information about LAGG column - what accepted number of LAGGs for one port can be configured at once (I think it only 1).
  2. Add some caution that chaning LAGG can lead to loops. Specially if user or system will modify ports9,10/lagg0.
  3. Add some exception wich will not allow save switch configuration if any of ports from 1 to 8 will be configured to lagg0.
9447-fix_2.4.4-p3.diff (932 Bytes) 9447-fix_2.4.4-p3.diff Jim Pingle, 08/26/2019 01:29 PM


#1 Updated by DRago_Angel [InV@DER] 7 months ago said that this wass been fixed already in 2.5.

#2 Updated by Daniele Palumbo 6 months ago

+1 as i was about to report the same bug.
I think the following is the fix, applicable to 2.4.4p2

#3 Updated by DRago_Angel [InV@DER] 6 months ago

Daniele Palumbo wrote:

+1 as i was about to report the same bug.
I think the following is the fix, applicable to 2.4.4p2

I know because I am in that topic too.

#4 Updated by Blaine Palmer 5 months ago

I recently updated our XG-7100 and before attempting to apply the patch in the associated forum post I checked the existing It appears this patch was applied in 2.4.4p3 already, however when using the UI if I put any number in the LAGG column and click save it still comes back with all 0 and I lose LAN connectivity.

I'd really like to get LAGG working with an external switch to allow for more throughput between segments.

#5 Updated by Jim Thompson 4 months ago

  • Target version set to 2.5.0
  • Affected Architecture set to All

#6 Updated by Jim Pingle 4 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback
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I pushed a fix for this, will be in snaps soon

#7 Updated by Blaine Palmer 4 months ago

Jim Pingle wrote:

I pushed a fix for this, will be in snaps soon

Thank you very much. Any chance a patch can be made available for 2.4.4 p3?

#8 Updated by Jim Pingle about 2 months ago

Patched attached for those who would like to test this against 2.4.4-p3.

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