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10:33 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8099 (Closed): Add more configuration flexibility to Telegraf
Users should be able to include custom configurations and/or be able to include inputs relevant to their installed pa... Doug Dimick


04:32 PM pfSense Feature #5474: Add 802.1x configuration to wired interfaces.
Here's a hacked-together shell script that can be used in the meantime:... Doug Dimick


10:54 AM pfSense Bug #5691: Cannot create limiter.
Thank you, but queue creation is working fine. Specifically I can't create a new Limiter. I've never attempted it und... Doug Dimick


10:10 PM pfSense Bug #5691 (Resolved): Cannot create limiter.
My system currently has no limiters or queues configured. When I attempt to create a new limiter it simply returns me... Doug Dimick
10:04 PM pfSense Bug #5604: SSL/TLS SMTP notfications not working
It fails using gmail's smtp server, I tried both SSL and STARTTLS. My guess is that it isn't due to a bad server cert. Doug Dimick


01:21 PM pfSense Packages Todo #5530 (Needs Patch): Shellcmd displays wrong text on edit button.
The edit button is labeled "Edit this (early)shellcmd entry" regardless of the type of shellcmd in use. Doug Dimick
12:44 PM pfSense Bug #5493: Console and web UI updates fail on full installs when ramdisk is enabled.
Fixed, thank you. Doug Dimick


06:35 PM pfSense Bug #5493 (Resolved): Console and web UI updates fail on full installs when ramdisk is enabled.
Steps to replicate:
1) Enable ramdisk for /tmp and /var (mine are set to 256mb each).
2) Reboot
3) Attempting to...
Doug Dimick
11:50 AM pfSense Bug #5483: upgrading non-2.3 opposite slice with nanobsd fails
Commenting here per in case my issue is related.
I'm running a ...
Doug Dimick


09:08 PM Bootstrap Bug #5475 (Resolved): Gateways Dashboard widget should dynamically update
Doug Dimick

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