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03:44 PM pfSense Bug #8445 (Resolved): creating an alias named "log" breaks rule processing
i created an ip alias, and named it "log". upon the rules reloading, an error occurred:
There were error(s) loadi...
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02:42 PM pfSense Bug #8410 (Resolved): unable to use registered services by name and unable to define aliases for registered services using their name
related to some degree to bug 8409, i've found that i'm unable to create aliases for registered services using their ... lists b
02:34 PM pfSense Bug #8409 (Resolved): pfsense alias complains about well known name for non well known port
when attempting to add a new port alias [firewall -> aliases -> ports -> add], for example, for mdns [udp port 5353],... lists b


03:03 PM pfSense Feature #8378 (Duplicate): allow webconfigurator to be configured to listen on only specified interface[s]
currently, the webconfigurator listens on all network interfaces. please implement a mechanism to allow this to be c... lists b


07:44 PM pfSense Feature #8376 (Rejected): please allow dashes in alias names
currently, characters in alias names are restricted to "a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _". this is annoying because it's common t... lists b
03:46 PM pfSense Bug #8375 (Duplicate): email session encryption fails in a private ca environment
when configuring email notifications, and enabling encryption, message notifications fail if the certificate provided... lists b
03:37 PM pfSense Todo #8374 (Rejected): email notification settings should not require password confirmation
the email notification settings page [system -> advanced -> notifications -> e-mail], system_advanced_notifications.p... lists b
03:28 PM pfSense Feature #8373 (Duplicate): please provide a mechanism to add certificates to the system's root certificate store
the system root certificate store [/usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss.crt] includes a default set of certificates, bu... lists b
03:21 PM pfSense Feature #8372 (New): add gui setting to adjust refresh rate for dynamic firewall logs
status -> system logs -> firewall -> dynamic view [status_logs_filter_dynamic.php] appears to refresh approximately e... lists b

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