Todo #204

All write_config() statements should include a reason of some sort

Added by Scott Ullrich over 8 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Need to sweep the tree and modify write_config() to include a reason for the change.

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Revision 2f0ffc1a
Added by Huynh K. Anh almost 3 years ago

x11-fm/xfe: 1.40 -> 1.40.1

Version 1.40.1 (released 11/08/2015)
- fixed archive extensions like tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz that were
uncorrectly displayed as gz, bz2 and xz in file lists
- applied fixes from Coverity analysis
- fixed bug #181 (USB drive requires manual refresh on re-mount)
- fixed a bug in the PathLinker where a path such as /test was
incorrectly found as being a part of a path like
- fixed bug #204 (Can't overwrite folders ). The rename command now
forbids renaming files or directories to a destination that already exists
- set focus on the cancel button in some confirmation dialogs
- when pressing the return key on a multiple selection of files and
directories, the files are now opened and the directories are ignored
- fixed missing suffixes when creating directory copies from
copy / paste operation
- fixed the user and group combo box sizes in the Properties dialog
- fixed wrong icon size in xferc for aac and flac types
- fixed wrong if test in onCmdPopupMenu() for FilePanel.cpp and
SearchPanel.cpp (Coverity)
- fixed the path linker button text when the directory name contains
'&' characters
- implemented natural sorting in DirList
- fixed natural file sorting in compare_locale() and compare_nolocale()
(bug #203)
- updated spanish translation (thanks to jcsl <>)
- fixed a bash-ism in (bug #200)
- fixed Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A shortcuts that didn't
work in text fields with caps lock enabled
- in the search window, pressing the Return key does not launch
another search when the panel has the focus
- fixed a problem where data count is wrongly reset when moving
files between different file systems
- updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sndor Sipos
- fixed a freeze problem with the uim input method and changed the
way input methods are detected. We now use the XMODIFIERS environment
variable. This works well with ibus, uim and fcitx input methods.
There remains a problem where composed characters don't work with
the SCIM input method, can't find why
- fixed a compilation problem in non Linux systems (cmd variable
not declared in main.cpp, bug #198)

PR: 203762
Submitted by: Walter Schwarzenfeld <>


#1 Updated by Seth Mos over 8 years ago

I've previously talked with Bill about this at the hackathon and was offering a bounty at the time.
This also included the possibility to tag specific versions as ok with a comment.

#2 Updated by Chris Buechler over 8 years ago

  • Target version changed from 3 to Future

#3 Updated by Phillip Davis over 1 year ago

#4 Updated by Kill Bill over 1 year ago

Not sure about bounty, but I did a couple more of them since I find the lack of info about what caused the configuration change to be annoying. (Unbound) (WOL) (L2TP VPN) (DynDNS) (Misc. pages) (IPsec VPN) (Wizards) (Firewall - NAT/Rules/Aliases/Schedules/Virtual IPs)

#5 Updated by Kill Bill 11 months ago (interfaces*.php) (firewall_shaper*.php) (load_balancer*.php) (services_captiveportal*.php) (sysutils/pfSense-Status_Monitoring)



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