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08:54 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9352: Duplicate default views in Status Monitoring that can't be removed.
I can confirm all of this.
Thanks for creating the redmine.


05:02 PM pfSense Bug #8639: Unable to boot zfs on root
On pFsense start press 3
One at a time
@load /boot/kernel.old/kernel
load /boot/kernel.old/opensolaris.ko
load ...


07:38 AM pfSense Feature #7489: اتصال L2TP کاربران از روی بستر اینترنت و بررسی کندی سرعت
Agradecia que escrevessem numa Língua mais universal. Sim há tradutores, poderia usá-lo mas vós também o poderias faz...


07:51 AM pfSense Feature #6960: Consider replacing ISC DHCP server with KEA DHCP
It looks like Facebook migrated to Kea DHCP. Should be for a good reason [[


03:37 PM pfSense Bug #5721: ALTQ fails with "bandwidth for q... higher than interface" in some circumstance
After making the wizard single Lan single Wan HFCS Scheduler type. Don't know if is related with this changes or not...


06:08 AM pfSense Packages Bug #5932: Suricata / Alerts - can't clear alerts
New Suricata installation. Nothing fancy.
Add Snort VRT Rules. Add 2 Interfaces configured with resolve flo...


10:12 AM pfSense Feature #5373: Advanced option to add separator or group firewall rules in web gui
NAT would like to have this separator to, i think...


08:55 AM pfSense Todo #4225: Lets improve the webGUI
Kerio Control web gui? i pass. Bootstrap, foundation, own css/js whatever they choose is fine.
See what Ubiquiti i...


05:33 AM pfSense Todo #3396: Replace dnsmasq with Unbound
2.2-BETA (amd64) - built on Sat Nov 15 01:14:19 CST 2014
Host Overrides dose't work properly. Only the top one seems...
05:23 AM pfSense Todo #3396: Replace dnsmasq with Unbound
2.2-BETA (amd64) - built on Sat Nov 15 01:14:19 CST 2014
Pfsense is not the default DNS service. Do not use the DNS ...

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