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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7618pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAdd support for user-supplied Host-Uniq tag and handle PADM messages in Netgraph PPPoE06/01/2017 08:12 AM
7617pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalOpenBGP not restarting on new WAN IP or firewall reload06/17/2017 06:31 AM
7616pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalBarnyard2 webui configuration updates result in ****** written to the config for the password06/19/2017 01:14 PM
7614pfSenseBugNewNormalPort forwards where the destination is a network alias can create invalid refection rules if multiple subnets are in that alias.05/30/2017 11:23 AM
7613pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalquagga not starting after upgrade - initial boot06/19/2017 01:23 PM
7611pfSenseBugFeedbackLowDiagnostics/Routes ipv6 ( netstat ), causes kernel panic06/15/2017 12:52 PM
7610pfSense PackagesBugNewVery HighSquid use all memory ram.05/29/2017 05:50 PM
7609pfSenseBugNewNormalNTP Status not parsing all NTP Access Restrictions preventing status display when it is actually allowed05/29/2017 09:35 AM
7608pfSense PackagesFeatureNewVery LowCaptive Portal amount of traffic Account + Free Radius+Mysql05/28/2017 09:08 AM
7607pfSenseBugNewHighChelsio T4/T5 CXGBE drivers not loaded as ALTq capable in the PfSense UI05/27/2017 07:05 PM
7606pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalUsing limiters and VLANs on Supermicro Xeon D boards crashes with kernel panic06/15/2017 06:23 PM
7605pfSenseBugNewNormalState Killing on Gateway Success06/19/2017 01:23 PM
7604pfSenseBugNewHighBug #6594 is not resolved: Waiting for Internet connection to update pkg metadata and finish package reinstallation07/11/2017 04:52 PM
7602pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalAuto-Create bootable USB for recovery05/25/2017 01:12 AM
7601pfSenseBugNewNormalDynamic DNS - Hostname should not be required for DNS-O-Matic06/05/2017 01:08 PM
7600pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalUnable to save DNS Resolver settings05/31/2017 04:49 PM
7599pfSenseBugNewLowSystem->Update unavailable in WebGUI after connection failure during update06/19/2017 01:23 PM
7598pfSenseFeatureNewNormalStatic IPv6 using IPv4 PPPoE as parent interfaceMartin Wasley06/20/2017 04:34 AM
7597pfSenseBugNewNormalDynDNS fail to update after connection lose05/22/2017 04:21 AM
7595pfSenseBugNewNormalsuricata custom SID Mgmt configuration missing after full system restore05/22/2017 11:33 PM
7594pfSenseBugNewNormal"vtnet: driver does not support altq" following upgrade to 2.4 (worked in pfSense 2.3)05/21/2017 06:48 PM
7593pfSenseFeatureNewNormalEnable FreeBSD 11 pvclock module in 2.4 builds05/21/2017 01:14 PM
7592pfSenseBugNewNormalSG-1000: Unbound not always restarting properly after changes in /etc/hosts05/21/2017 10:06 AM
7590pfSenseBugNewNormaldiag_edit do not save when nothing to sae (in directory browse view)05/20/2017 05:04 PM
7589pfSenseBugNewNormaldiag_edit.php old print_info_box05/20/2017 05:02 PM
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